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Bubble Bug - Data not updating unless screen is refreshed

Hey everyone!

I see that when I update data from the database or from other pages, the data doesn’t get displayed to other users anymore. This was a huge feature on a lot of my apps. Anyone else see data not being updated instantly anymore unless the page is refreshed?

Let me know. Thanks!


Yes for me personally, and it looks like yes in another thread, too…

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Also received a very odd API error from stripe regarding incorrect Token ID’s - even though there have been 20+ successful payments earlier in the day without errors

@eve @Bubble something going on here

Yup, MAJOR issue now

@gf_wolfer – if you haven’t already done so, could you file a bug report so that we can take a look? I’ve flagged the data issue with our team, but not sure that the Stripe API is related, so it would be helpful to have some specifics on that.

This is actually breaking my LIVE app. Not just the dev version. My whole app is not working at all anymore. @eve Please help! Already reported the bug.

@eve just installed vanilla bubble, no plugs etc… editor responds, but frontend does not request refresh. This has to be done manually, looks as though it is stuck.

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Facing the same issue here as well

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We’ve got the report and have already flagged engineering! Please stand by, we’re investigating this now.

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Thanks @eve!

Yup, confirmed this is a Stripe Plugin error - maybe unrelated
It is trying to charge users on the Live site with the Demo non-live option!!

Was working for a lot of payments up until 12:41pm eastern today

If they are trying to push me to a Dedicated server they are doing a damn good job today :angry:

Very strange – would still appreciate that report if you have a minute! We’re updating a few things on our backend today that are a bit on the thornier side… Necessary evils, unfortunately.

Already submitted!


Same issue here. This is breaking my live app. Repeating groups in my app won’t show new DB info without refreshing the page.

Example: If you were to create a slack clone, you couldn’t get a new message without refreshing the page. Or if you built a simple Email Inbox app, you would have to refresh the page before seeing a new email. This is breaking a lot of apps on bubble.

Yeah, basically all of my apps are broken at the moment. They all rely heavily on it having updated info.

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Here goes Cyber Monday :stuck_out_tongue:


All around one of the worst bugs we’ve had in a long time.
A straight outage would actually be so much better :rofl:


Yeah, guess it’s time for a coffee break. :coffee: