[fixed] Workflow executing with lag (previously had no lag)

I’m stumped (and frustrated).

I have a RG within my app which shows a list of things (activities) grouped by ID. Within each RG line item, the user is able to click a “plus” icon, which adds a new “thing” to the database table - ultimately increasing the count found within the same RG line item (which shows a sum of all “things” with the same ID).

Prior to making a few changes, the “count” within the RG line item would update IMMEDIATELY upon clicking the “plus” icon. This is mission-critical for the user experience. Now (after making a few changes) it takes up to 5-10 seconds for the “count” to update after clicking the “plus” icon.

The thing is, I’ve retraced my steps and I can’t figure it out. Frankly, it seems like a glitch that it’s update-speed would change so drastically with no obvious reason. Incredibly frustrating after specifically building out the database structure in such a way that would avoid this issue (and HAD avoided it, previously). I’m well over 100 hours into the build-out of this app, and this single issue could be the Achilles heel if I can’t get it to load quickly again.

Please help :frowning:. I can provide someone with access to the app, as well as the exact time you can revert back to, to see it working correctly.

Any ideas?

@eli … any ideas?

Maybe you can explain which change you have made?

I opted to change the search logic significantly, but it works now. I lose a little bit of unnecessary user experience, but it’ll work. Sorry for cluttering up the forum.

Im also experiencing a slow workflow, Just one. Few days ago was executing fine but now will take up to 30 seconds for it to continue. All that’s happening is a math equation saving to the database. I was hoping it would fix itself but im still experiencing it.

I assume you are displaying that number through a search count every time you add a new thing?

Wondering if it might be possible set a custom state inside each cell that is increased by 1 every time the plus icon is clicked and then reference that state from your visible count. That would update immediately regardless of workflow lag but opens up other issues.

It’s difficult to assess without knowing the data structure you are using. PM me a link to the editor and I’ll be happy to take a quick look.

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