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Repeating Group:Count is off by 1

I am referencing the RG[list]:count in an ONLY WHEN statement on a workflow, and after getting bad outputs I did some value-verification checks, and I can see that my RG[item list]:count shows a value of 3, even then there are only 2 items in the actual list. There are only 2 of this item in the database total so it’s not a filtering issue.

Is this a bug or is there some nuance in the count function that I am missing?

If you’re sure the count is off, please cut a bug to Bubble. Bug Report | Bubble

And if it ends up being a bug, please post the results on the forum as this may be causing issues with other apps and no one knows it.

Do you have some screenshots of the workflows here that might delve a bit deeper into the filtering results. Does the same count match that of the database, even if you use a custom filtered view?
Also maybe double check the logs in this instance of the workflow action

I think it must be a bug. This workflow is running every .5 seconds under an only-when criteria (a poor man’s for loop), and none of the workflow steps are touch the database or the RG, other than to count things and store it to custom states.
In this case it is running 3 times and some times the RG count ties to the DB count, and sometimes it doesn’t. Very odd.

Here is my console log. Ending number of RG tiers is console logging the RG[item].count formula, whereas the DB tiers is doing a search for tiers from the database.

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