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Flexible Element height

Hello @emmanuel. I’m trying to embed a responsive Mosaic Gallery to my Bubble test app here:

How this works is that it opens a lightbox on click (which works, so our SDK is loaded correctly), but it doesn’t autoscale how it should. You can see the widget is cut off.

Is the height of the Elements restricted? It seems I can only edit how it should scale on the width.

Yes, except if you pick “adjust height” at the HTML element level, if that is what you’re using.

Hi @widgetic, can I ask you how you integrate or use this new PLAY audio? look nice.

Hey @emmanuel, this is what I’m seeing in the HTML properties. I am not sure where adjust height should be -

Hey John, it’s one of the Apps in our library at You can install it using the html element.

I’m trying to figure out why autoscale doesn’t work on Bubble.

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This is stretch to fit content. Now with your specific code that might now work… Can you create an open app and share a link to the editor?

This doesn’t seem to be available on the free plan. I basically want the widgets to be able to apply the autoscale option. As in this example: I’ll share access to my account by email if we can get this sorted. :slight_smile:

There’s no feature difference based on the plan for this.

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This is what I see when I go to the collaboration tab:

Where should I make this app public? It seems to be set as everyone can publish, but I am not sure where I can grab an URL to share it.

Check the general tab

Yes I did, but this doesn’t help. I mentioned it’s already set to be editable by anyone, but it doesn’t tell me what the link is:

I doubt the link is what I have in my browser now:

Well what else could it be? :wink: That’s exactly it!

Turns out you haven’t set your page to variable width, so all elements inside won’t resize as you resize the page. you have to make the page not fixed width first.

The reason it’s confusing is because it contains tabs as variables. A quick suggestion is to simply have that link below the form and tell users:
Share this link:

Unfortunately this didn’t do the trick. What is needed is for the page to allow an app to resize itself, by listening to our Javascript SDK.

We redraw all HTML elements when the width changes, that should do it though it may not be the most elegant way.

I’ll move this to private conversation by email. :slight_smile: