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Flexible Repeating Group Frame (or Rows)

I’m having an issue with the vertical height of my repeating group frames or rows. In order to fit all of the information I want to put in a repeating group, I had to select the option for 2 rows (infinite scrolling), however depending on how much content there is for a particular frame or row in the repeating group, it may not need that much vertical room. So Bubble will automatically shorten the frames with little content, as well as make frames longer than the base 2 row height (as seen when editing the repeating group) longer vertically if there is more content (due to me selecting the option ‘stretch to fit’ content for enclosed elements).

This automation works great, however is not consistent. Sometimes I have frames or rows that have little content so should be shortened, yet have a huge frame (extends very long vertically), and the upper sections of the frame or row have a big open space between them and the lower sections. Sometimes this happens, sometimes it doesn’t.

This is the site - -> the separation comes in between ‘Description’ and ‘Supporting References’. If you search “history” in the search bar, and scroll down, you will see examples of frames with little content that are working properly and condensing, as well as others that have a huge space between Description and Supporting References.

Is there a way to keep condensing consistent, or simply making the repeating group creation process not include a flat number of rows, but instead be completely variable?

Looking at your app in the editor, it sounds like you should put the text elements you’d like to hide in a groups and collapse these groups when hidden. Right now, if a source is empty, for instance, the text will still be shown but empty, with a height of 19px (which adds up).

Remember, stretch to fit content means height can be higher if needed, but won’t get below the height you defined in the editor.

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Thanks emmanuel!

There still is height variation that occurs that doesn’t involve empty sources, two frames can be identical in every relevant aspect (e.g. # of words, # of sub elements, size of media embed, etc.) and have varying height differentials between those two aforementioned sections.

Let me give collapsing a shot and report back.