Repeating Groups: Allow for columns and rows to stretch to fill space

We’ve recently released a new feature to allow for columns and rows in repeating groups to stretch to fill the full space they are given. This should solve a long-standing request to not limit columns and rows by their min width. Hope this helps!

Docs links here:


Awesome, I was just trying to do this recently. What great timing! :blush:

This is awesome!

Guys. Can we PLEASE opt into updates like this? Or at the very least, only apply updates to the development server before it’s pushed to live? We have a repeating group on our site that is now broken and I have to rebuild it because it’s acting funny now. I appreciate the new features but there needs to be a way to make sure updates don’t break live sites.


hi, thanks Bubble, recently requested this and it solves lotsa problems!

Hi, can you please explain in more detail how this new feature is supposed to work? The update broke about half of the RGs on my site. In this one, I have an RG where each cell contains another RG that is visible after a click but hidden on page load. You can see that the nested RG acts like there are extra rows and has a scrollbar, even when all of the entries are displayed.

How it looks after clicking to show the nested RG:

After scrolling to show the phantom rows in the nested RG:

The settings of the nested RG:

Any help would be appreciated. I’ve tried lots of combinations of the checkboxes and can’t get anything to mimic the behavior before the update.


This has broken the layout of my Live site!

How can i revert this

Please help asap


I have the same issue as above!


Ok, I’ve found a combination that seems to be working. Try this:

EDIT: Does not work consistently. Pretty much all of my RGs now have a big chunk of dead space at the bottom when the “stretch vertical” box is unchecked, and this adds an unnecessary scroll bar in addition to any scroll bars on the page itself. Checking the box fixed some of these RGs, but for others, it ruins the “fit height to content” rendering, creating unreadable rows that overlay each other as shown below. My real problem with this update is that I now have to go through every single repeating group across every single page and manually test how it renders. There doesn’t seem to be a single setting/fix to bring them all back to their old display. I agree with @rhett that this should not have been sprung on everyone’s live sites without warning. Ugh!


@manasi This update has serious issues in Safari.

In the Editor, repeating groups keep loading in new cells forever and performance drag is at 100% until I close the browser. Please see my screengrab of the issue:

If you’re using repeating groups, Bubble is currently unusable in Safari.


Seriously, how can an update on your side change the live deployment of our app? If there is ONE thing you should make sure, it’s that this never happens. Please fix this asap… We have a huge problem with scrolling bars appearing everywhere on our live app.


This broke our app’s layout and now some texts are overlapping. Our users cannot navigate our web pages. I would like this feature to be fixed or moved back to the old version ASAP


Sorry about the issues this feature introduced! We’ve reverted to the previous version for now and will thoroughly test this feature before relaunching.


Hi @manasi ,

Actually I was using this great feature until now and as I was refreshing my app, my whole layout suddenly broke and I can’t figure out how to fix it without the Stretch feature !

Can you add this feature again as I think many users were benefiting from it without any issue ?

Or at least, tell us an ETA for the re-release ?


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The new RG feature is re-enabled now. Happy building :slight_smile: