How to force floating group to be at the bottom

Please correct if my understanding is wrong.

Right now the way I see floating group behaving is that to fix a floating group to the bottom,

  1. I give “Vertically float relative to” to “Bottom”.
  2. Then make “y” of the floating group to be a value which makes it at the bottom of the page in my design. So I calculate the page height, then reduce the height of floating group from it, and then assign the Y value to it.

Is this the way it has to be done?

Problem with this is that, in my process of designing, I change the page height, element positions etc quite often, and I have to keep doing the calculation of page height etc, each time. Also, if I am using this element on different pages, I have to do this exercise everywhere.

Is that how it works? I would have hoped that when we say “vertically float relative to bottom”, it would ask how many pixels from bottom do you want it to be up. That way I just set it once, and then play with other elements without worrying about it.

Is there a way to make it work like that?

That is the only way to make it work. The floating group has to be at the bottom of the page. You could however instead of taking the group towards the end of the page, bring the end of the page towards the floating group. That will only involve dragging with the mouse. Not a complete fix and I don’t know if it works for your case

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Yeah, just to be ultra clear on what it means to be at the bottom of the page.

It’s not the bottom of what you see in your browser, it’s the bottom of the page in the editor. If you can keep scrolling while editing the page, move it down further.

That doesn’t work if I am reducing the height of the page. Mouse drag will stop at the floating group. Then I have to move floating group up to bring it to have same bottom as the footer, and then change the page height again.

Anyway, thanks to you and David for the replies.