Floating group blocking scroll bars

Hi All,

Not sure if this is possible and may go against the inherent characteristics of the element, but is there a way to prevent a floating group from blocking the scroll bar if it spans 100% of the page? See screenshot below, with the great bar at the top and two blue bars being the floating groups. Any help greatly appreciated

Hey @jonathan.timianko :slight_smile: At first glance, this looks like a bug. I have floating groups which span the width of the page, and it should go underneath the scrollbar. Does this happen on all browsers? Can you share a link to preview mode?

Got it! Hmm, yes I see it too (testing on a Mac with Chrome). Can you share a screenshot of the page with the header element on it? My only guess would be is the reusable element floating group might be larger in width than the page it is on?

Happy to take a look at the editor if that makes things easier (Can PM if you prefer)!