Floating group but not totally sticky

Hello everyone,

I want to create a clone twitter for training a company.

Is it to possible to create a “semi” - floating group ?

I mean the group would be fixed but it moves down a little bit to show all the group.
It is like the group on the right side on Twitter. When you go down, the group on the right side is moving but at a moment it stops at the end, the group is sticky on the screen and the tweet’s feed is moving.

How could I do that ?
Because if I use only the floating group, it is sticky at the beginning.

If I am not cleat I can reformulate.

Thank you by advance,

This is probably what you’re looking for…

TIL how to do sticky groups - Showcase - Bubble Forum


Here’s another example:

Sticky Group Scroll (bubbleapps.io)

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It looks like this one.

Thank you man, you always help me, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

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