Floating group conditional + responsive

Hello all,

So i have been trying to make a floating group disappear below a certain resolution but have read elsewhere this is not possible.

A work around I have tried is to make a carbon copy of the FG with a group and use some conditional as follows

  • Set the floating group to ‘not appear on page load’
  • Set the new group to be hidden when page is > 768px
  • Set the conditional of the FG to appear when the new group is hidden
    i.e. what I am trying to do is link the appearance of one to the other based on the resolution.

This does not seem to work and I am wondering if there is a bug here. Happy to debate further :slight_smile:

Try using the floater (BDK) plug in. You can use this to float groups and then apply your responsive condition to hide the group for mobile.