Is there a way to use a floating group in responsive mode?

Hi !

I would like to have a sticky left menu on desktop but still have a responsive wedsite (and hide floting group on mobile).

But Floating groupe only function with ‘fixe’ container.

So do you have a trick to do that ?

And by the way, I have 2 others problems :

  • How to hide a group on mobile ? I try to add condition : When “Current page width …” + “this element is visible” … and it doesn’t work ! There is no “hide” condition. I try with a workflow to hide an element, but not working …
  • Is there a way to ‘fix’ the group next ‘floating group’ on row mode. Because my left sticky menu appears above my content… Only solution I found it’s to add margin left.

Thank you !

That’s not true at all…

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Can you provide us with images? It’s a bit confusing to understand exactly what you mean.

FloatingGroups are responsive, so don’t really know how to help here.

Also, to show/hide floating groups, use the actions to show and hide, not the conditions

Thank you! It’s ok for ‘hide’ problem!

An image of my principal problem :

A solution is to add a condition with a margin left when “current page width is …” but this marge is fixed so not very responsible !