Floating group + groups problems in new app

Don’t understand - why in my new APP:

  1. When I make floating group - I cant move it with mouse and it’s white…
  2. Also I have different interface menu - I havent got groups, just containers. It’s impossible to group elements and move them by mouse


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Hi @alpasovv

Hmm, not quite sure of this, but here’s something to note;
On the new responsive engine floating groups don’t move with the mouse or go freely around the page as other elements do. That’s their nature. However, to move them around, go to the appearance tab and select where you want it to be aligned.

You can make a floating group be aligned where you want to whether at the top or bottom & left or right.

And about it being white, I’m guessing that’s the standard style set into it. Also from the Appearance tab, you can remove the style of a floating group and then restyle it however you want.

About the different interface menu, I’m not very sure of it. Maybe we can hop on a quick call so I can know more about it?


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Hi @ayfolut!
Thank you very much for your help! :pray:
Looks like, it’s platform problems and I need to contact support. I looked into my previous project - everything is ok: I can move floating group with mouse… Also I can normally group elements.

Your previous project is probably built on the old responsive engine, which is why you can drag elements around with the mouse.

With the new responsive engine you don’t use the mouse to position elements (unless the page is not responsive - i.e. has a ‘Fixed’ layout) - you set the size and position in the properties editor.

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Thank you very much for your help, @adamhholmes!
Now, looks like I totally understood everything :slight_smile:
I am newbie for notice that new version of responsive engine released… Looks like I need to read list of changes.

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