Group overwrites in responsive engine

Note : Using new responsive engine
Am trying to create two groups , one has some text and another has button , however when shrink the page text does auto fit to the width.

However below group remains static along with button , this does not move and buttons does not realign.

Green group in the image just does not move

Tried multiple forums and tutorials , am not getting this.
Any help is much appreciated


Hi @pravinvram,

If you haven’t already, you should check out the documentation on the different layout types. I suspect it’s just an issue of not understanding how the different container layouts work.

If you’re already familiar with the different layout modes, it might be helpful to see some screenshots of the container element’s configuration.

Also, FYI, there’s another forum specifically for the new responsive engine.

Hi @sudsy ,

Thanks so much for the quick reply , i did go through the parent container and it’s set to column.
Images within the repeating groups were working and was re-positioning and now i lost that as-well.

Am kind of all over it , but still not sorting. Any change you can have a look to check what i am missing ?

Sorry if it’s too much of trouble.