Floating group or group or something else appears when the username is hovered?

Hello everyone,

Do you know how to appear a “Popup” when the username is hovered with the info like numbers of followers etc ? As X (Ex Tweeter).

I created a Floating group but the FG is transparent even if the opacity is 100%. So we can see under the Floating group.

I cannot create a Group because the feed (The place we can see the tweet posts) are Column or Row AND NOT fixed. So if I put a Group, it won"t be above the element.

Below is the information about the Floating group.

Do you now what kind of element I have to put and what are the element parameter ?

Thank you by advance,

That’s what a groupFocus is for…

Or maybe i’m not understanding what you’re asking…

I tried with a focus group as well.

But I don’t know why, it does not find the elements inside the repeating Group.
So I cannot parameter the conditional indicating that when the Username is hovored show the Focus Group.
I don’t understand why.

If it’s in a repeating group, you’ll need to use a reusable element…

Put the group focus in there, then add the RE to the RG cell.

Yeah sadly for group focus cant reference elements inside RGs.

Try putting the anchor group outside the RG and then attaching the focus group to it whilst there. Then you can put the anchor group back into the repeating group. (Or copy paste it into it, dont remember which one)

It works, lets not question it :sweat_smile: