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How to show a group focus from a repeating group item text "Show More"

I have a repeating group, one of the cells inside the repeating group is a text element names “Show More”

I would like for the group focus to popup some information when a user either “clicks” or “hovers” over the “Show More”

So i would prefer hover, but if that isn’t possible then ok Click is fine as well.

I seen some other people had attempted this within the forum, some suggested they solved it, but i couldn’t really replicate it. So thought i would ask in the forum.

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What have you tried so far?

I create a Group Focus, i set it to to the RGs cells text element
But the reference does get set correctly, it gets repaced by weird text

Then i tried just showing a Group and show/hide on click, and then replace that with Group Focus (this was recommended on another thread), but again when i replace it with group focus, you cannot set the reference to an element within the RG

Now im thinking of just making a group within the RG’s row, and somehow collapsing its size when its not visible
Having trouble how to collapse its height when its not visible

That’s an option near the top of the settings for a group. “collapse when hidden”


This works, where i use a group within the repeating row, and just collapse and expand it.

It’s not the ideal UI behaviour though, so it would be preferred to be able to show a focus group outside of the row, and somehow bind it to current selected rows element, but i guess this is not currently possible


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