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Responsive Engine: Floating Group anchored to Repeating Group elements?

Does our shiny new Responsive Engine solve the problem of linking/anchoring a Floating Group to elements inside a Repeating Group?

I have a repeating group with entries of text. I’d like to click an ‘option button’ in any row of the RG and have a FG appear that allows me to make changes, such as set parameters about the text entry. UX demands that this is a quick process so selecting the row and moving the mouse pointer elsewhere to make the change would not be as efficient.


That’s generally done with a Group Focus - not a Floating Group. A FG is positioned relative to the screen, whereas a GF is positioned relative to an element.

Following is a demo showing how it’s done for a hover event. You’d just use a click event instead.

I believe there are other posts as well. Just search the forums for “group focus repeating group” or some such.


Hi Steve,

Firstly, sleep deprivation is to blame on the topic name and reference to FLOATING GROUP. I had in fact been using a GROUP FOCUS but when it came to writing the post, I got them mixed up. Apologies.

I had seen that example (thank you!) but believed there was something in the new responsive engine that prevented me from using an element in my repeating group as the reference element. This is my current issue: I can select various elements outside of the repeating group, but not those within.

What I’ve done:

  1. I have copied the example into my own environment. It continues to work fine. I can’t however recreate the Group Focus and link it to the same reference element.
  2. I have converted the example to the new responsive engine and it continues to work. The Group Focus remains correctly linked to the reference element. However, again, I can’t recreated and relink a new Group Focus to the same (or a new) reference element in the Repeating Group.

Am I losing my mind? Should I go back to sleep? Are you able to reproduce or show me my error?


No worries.

Since you have a working example, the only thing I can do is perhaps draw your attention to a couple things. I’ll assume you’re aware that the element to be hovered (or clicked in your case) is a reusable element. If you examine that RE closely (the actual definition - not the instance on the page), you’ll see that the Type of content for both the RE and the GF that it contains is set to the same “type of Thing” displayed in the RG. Also take a look at the workflow tab for the RE.


Okay, I finally got it through my thick skull! Thanks for explaining and pointing out the mechanisms. I had the wrong idea and it took longer than it should have.

Appreciate the help Steve.

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