Floating group - overlapping with footer


Newbie here but have been scouring the forums for an answer with no success.

My floating group at present overlaps into the footer when scrolled right down to the bottom of the page.

There appears to be limited options under a ‘conditional’. Is there any way to overcome this?

Thanks in advance

Is the footer also a floating group? If not, I would suggest making it a floating group and bringing it to the front if its’ appearance will take precedence over the other element.

Many thanks for taking the time.

I gave this a try, but it means my footer is then floating around. I’m trying to use padding to keep the footer aligned to top or bottom but still cannot quite achieve the footer being fixed to the bottom of the page.

I would have thought Bubble would incorporate a more elegant method of controlling the floating group. Essentially I want the floating group to be a floating contents (with hyperlinks inside) on the left of my main article which is always in view as the reader scrolls and reads. I hope that makes sense?

This is what we use for our footer and it always stays to the bottom of the page. Does setting the “vertically float relative to” Bottom not work for you? On the layout tab we use no padding or margin, give 100% width and 85px fixed height.

Screen Shot 2022-10-25 at 9.19.25 AM

use the code here to make a group sticky only after you scroll a certain amount.

I tried but the footer wasn’t anchoring to the bottom still despite no padding or margin.

Much appreciated.

This worked a treat! I wished basic functionality like this was made more obvious for new users though. I’ve marked as a solution for other users. Cheers

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