Floating group renders elements unclickable

HI All,

I have a floating group at the top of each of my pages with drop down navigation for category and subcategory. This works well except that it renders any element underneath the category navigation bar useless. In the attached, the Sort By dropdown is now not clickable because the floating group is in the way.

I can’t make the floating group any narrower due to elements inside of it and this happens even when I click ‘collapse element height when hidden’ for all floating elements. I also have the Sort By dropdown moved to Front.

Any suggestions?

convert it into a focus group (and you can then position it relative to the burger menu icon)

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@arjun thanks for the reply! I actually already have the drop down menu Categories in a group focus which is tied to the burger menu. That whole element is then in a floating group with a long purple shape to serve as the top navigation bar. The top navigation should remain static at the top of each page, which is why I made it into a floating group (and it can’t be a header element b/c part of the workflow when clicking on a category uses current users location). Because I have the whole thing (purple long shape + burger menu + drop down categories) in a floating group, it makes the Sort By drop down unclickable. I assume this happens because the floating group is ‘on top of’ the Sort By element. Any other suggestions to deal with making Sort By usable?

Just an idea, you can make the floating group closed on mouse move or point device, than the Sort By will be accessible? You need like popup thing, closed when outside the box. I’m sure someone will figure out a better idea :wink:

@JohnMark thanks for the tip. Not sure how to do that though? I looked at conditionals and those two don’t seem to be options. Am I looking in the wrong place?

It was just an idea, but install the plugin mousey-mousey and on x > 200px (what you need), than execute a workflow : close burger menu. Hope someone will have a better idea :wink:

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