Floating Group renders elements underneath not clickable - Solution?

I have this issue that a floating group makes elements underneath non clickable (when hidden by default) - even when it is not visible. There are multiple forum entries about this, all without a real solution.

I found a just slightly ugly workaround for this by accident:
If you make the floating group visible by default and had a hide element action in a “page is loaded” workflow - it surprisingly works. You can now click the stuff underneath without problem. And further show / hide actions work as expected.

The only downside is that the element will show for a brief moment when the page is loaded, creating a bit of visible noise to the appearance of the page. This may be ok or a problem depending on your situation.

UPDATE: Adding a condition to the element to practically null its size when not visible as suggested by @josh24 below is a great way to handle this too - better than my workaround as it avoids the brief initial flash of the element.

FYI to the people with this unsolved or partly solved here in the forum:
@bioshplouf @jp1 @pico @getfelix

P.S. I have put this under the bug section because the above solution suggests there is indeed a bug hidden here - and one that might be fairly easy to solve. Otherwise the hide action workaround would not work as it does.

I have a floating group menu on the left of the screen that shows when the screen width is > 1111 and hides when it’s < 1111 and it’s not visible on page load. I don’t have this issue :man_shrugging:

Screen Shot 2022-04-30 at 6.59.12 pm

Another thing worth trying could be to resize the group when its hidden to like 1px or something? That way its still there lurking in the shadows but it’s only 1px and therefore not getting in the way

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I’ve never seen or experienced this issue as you’ve described it before… and I can’t replicate it (I just made a quick test and everything’s working as expected for me)… so I guess it could well be a bug…

There are some possible setups that will cause this type of behaviour though, so maybe some screenshots of your current setup, or better still a link (either to your app preview or editor)… would help to see if it’s the way you’ve got things set up, or more likely to be a bug…

A few questions though… are you using the old or new responsive engine? Is the floating group a reusable element?

Yes had the same issue myself

Switching the element max width to 0px width when not visible is a pretty smart solution too. Thanks!

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New responsive engine. But had the same multiple times before with the old one too.

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