FloatingGroup as reusable not floating?

Hey guys. So, you know that reusable elements can be Groups, Popups or Floating Groups, right?

I’ve just tried making a reusable floating group and haven’t been able to do so, on the design part.

1. First issue is that it does not float. Whenever I add it to a page, it just becomes a FocusGroup above that element.
2. Also, it does not obbey the minimum height nor the fit height to content.

Here is the Floating Group directly on a page:

Here is the same Floating Group as a reusable element:

Did anybody got around this? I need to repeat this in a few pages and it would be bad practice to update them separately.

are you trying to say your group covers all the elements beneath it.
May be if this the case you can give margin to the group beneath it.

Just found it. For some reason, a reusable floating group will not float nor keep its layout if its inside another group in the page. It needs to be on the top of the whole element tree.
*ps: You need to add it directly to the element tree. If you click inside a group by mistake, you won’t be able to move it.

Hi there. Thanks for your attention.
I did not. It was just not behaving as a floating group really.

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