Floating Group stick to the left despite being centered horizontally

Keep having this problem in 2 apps, the floating group floating to the top sticks to the left of the screen despite being centered

Hey @cheskiefisch,

Make sure you use the Responsive view for aligning items. Elements are typically left-aligned by default. :slightly_smiling_face:

Responsive View


There’s no aligning options for a floating group in the responsive viewer

That seems accurate, as Floating Groups are treated as groups above the page itself. If the floating behavior isn’t needed, you could build a faux sidebar nestled right in the page so it hooks into the responsive limits. :thinking:

Ye i need the floating behavour, and I have a another page with a floating group that is perfectly centered

It’s a good idea to post your Bubble Editor’s link (the URL in the address bar) and share it so others can take a look! Be sure to set the correct viewing and editing permissions via your project’s Settings > General tab.

Why would anybody let the public mess with their editor after hard work

It’s the fastest way to get help, and common practice in the community.

Easy to duplicate your live project into a test project and share that - that way you can learn without risking your real thing.


To even further clarify, there are three types of access that can be configured through Settings > General.

  • Private app - only listed collaborators will be able to visit your application’s Editor link
  • Everyone can view - anyone with your Editor link can view but not edit your application
  • Everyone can edit - anyone with your Editor link can view and edit your application

As @andrewgassen mentioned, it’s common practice to share the Editor link of your project (whether original or duplicated) to have someone better assist you; the alternative usually takes more time and effort.

Could be happening if it overlaps with another element that is left aligned.

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