Floating group which goes to the top when scrolled

I have a header on my page, with lots of questions that follow. There is also another header that appears further down the page, again with lots of questions that follow for that second header.

To help the user remind where they are on the page, I want the header to float as they scroll through the questions pertaining to the header above it. This is easily achievable via a floating group, BUT the group stays where it is relative to the top or bottom of the page, which means in my case, it’s in the middle of the page in the way.

I want to it to float, but at the TOP of the page so its out of the way but still visible. Then, when the user comes to the second header, the second header takes the position of the first.

I’m not sure how to make floating groups behave as the above, or whether they have this capability?

(If it matters, I’m using the legacy editor for this app build).

Do you have a working example of what you are trying to achieve?

I assume you mean elsewhere on another website. I haven’t sadly, but I’m sure you’d recognise it if you see it!

I have an alternative way of achieve this ‘reminder’ of what section the user is in by simply adding in a reminder which is simply to have a text next to each question.

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