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Data not scrolling under Floating Group


May I please request some assistance from the forum?

I have a floating group header that sits at the top of my page . When i scroll the page, the data/feed goes above the floating group and not under it.

How do I make the data go under the floating group?

Thanks in advance


Have you tried right clicking on the floating group and selecting “bring to front”?

Hi Paul,

Yes tried that. Didn’t help.

Can you send a screenshot of the property editor window of your floating group?

Hi Paul

Please find below the screenshot

Is the rest of the content on your page in its own group or directly on your admin_page_2? If you have it directly on the admin page, try putting everything in a group and setting it up like this

It sounds weird that it’s doing what it’s doing but all my pages are set up the same way as that drawing and I don’t have that problem. The other thing I would try is deleting the floating group and adding it again to see if that works.

Thanks Paul. I realised my stupid mistake. The background style of the floating group was set to none. I changed it to solid and selected white. Now the text disappears under the header. Thanks for your time and sorry I wasted your time.



No worries.

I see. So the text was always under it, it just was see-through so it looked like it was overtop of it. I should have thought of that.

Yup that’s right , was always going under, but the background was transparent.

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