Floating Groups - Responsive Engine - How to?

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How to position a Floating group in a page with fixed width?
It always goes to left (or right), but I don’t know hot do position it correctly…
It is based on page element, isn’t it?

If I design a page with a fixed width (not the page element I mean…), how to set it to be on this designed element?

I’m not clear on your question. But is this what you’re looking for?

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Exactly ! In responsive engine…
As I sew it is set to pg element ( not a group element ).
I’ve designed a page with 960 px
When the browser expands to, let’s say 1280px, it goes beyond where it should be … that’s 960px

Hi @augusto1,

Floating groups are positioned relative to the page - not a specific element. That’s their designed/intended behavior. It’s simply not possible to make an FG float relative to particular element.

There is an element called a Group Focus, however, which floats above the content and can be positioned relative to an element, but it’s hidden by default, and it auto-closes when clicked outside its bounds.

Tks Sudsy !

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