A question about floating groups

Hi guys,

I was wondering if it is possible to make an element float relatively to another group/element (for example, “Float this group to ‘Group’, off-pixels: 10px” option). I’ve previously tried the BDK floater and didn’t seem to find a solution. I have tried to ask the creator of the @gaurav but he’s not replying so I’ve unsubscribed from the plugin. For a visual representation of what I am asking, here is a link of a floating group that floats relative to another thing on a page: https://wellcome-home.com/flat/damrota-4-115/ - If this can’t be done, is there any custom HTML code that anyone has used to achieve this? Thank you


Sorry for delayed response. At the moment not using the floater plugin, but I’ll look into it


Hi @gaurav,

If you could implement this it would so hugeee as I’ve got three bubble apps and can confirm that I would most definitelty use the bdk floater in at least two of the applications.

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Hi @gaurav,

Any update on your progress so far? Also I wanted to notify you of a bug that is affecting the responsiveness of an element that is attached to the floater (this has never happened before). When I adjust the page width, the element attached to the floater will move out of place. Below are two screenshots illustrating exactly what I am talking about:

  1. This image shows how the selected group (highlighted in red) is meant to appear on the page.

  2. When I play around with the responsiveness of the page (same page width as the image above btw) - for example, by stretching the page or shrinking it you can see that it will incorrectly offset the positioning of the group to the far right (highlighted in red).

Hi @jamesbond,

  1. Regarding the ‘Float this group to Group’ , I tried and it doesn’t seem like there’s any easy way to go about it. Since when you scroll the page, its relative motion and not just absolute pixels. You can define the duration an element will float in either pixels or % of window height.

  2. About the bug you mentioned in most recent post, I believe what you’re saying is that you’re changing the window width on a already loaded page. That would cause issues. In general the libraries compatible with responsive design are built for ‘it works on any screen size’ and not necessarily ‘it works if you change the screen size dynamically’. Please select the width first, reload & try the page?