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Floating Header Full Width


How does one create a floating header the full width of a page?


Hey John,

I may be out of my element (pun intended) but just set the floating group to 1200 and the use the responsive browser to adjust the elements inside appropriately.

Stay Bubbly,


Ok, I will try this tomorrow. Stuck on other problems now.

No luck thus far…

See below.

Hera are the settings I am using…

On the header:

On a page:

Make sure to change your header width to 1200 as well. I poked around in there and saw it was only 973.

Hi John, in the Header Reusable Element (first screenshot), check to make sure the group (containing your logo and the buttons) doesn’t have a max width and the header itself also doesn’t have a max width. Then it should be responsive to the width of the page.

Awesome - I will give it a shot.

Ok, its getting better. Thanks for your help. Now the header almost goes the entire width of the screen, and the items on the header are not centered, so the items are pushed to the left of the screen.

Image of the Current Header

Properties of the header

Properties of boxes inside the header

Properties of the header from another page

@john.casano have you had a look at the responsive video yet? It will help you a lot