Floating Header Repeated

For some reason I have noticed that the app gets confused with the floating header and a second header appears in the middle of the page. I have seen this a few times back cant reproduce it, and it has happened to others. Below is a screenshot. Any thoughts?
Floating Header repeated

If this is a reusable floating header, then yes I’ve seen this before. This is a known IOS bug. I swapped mine for non-reusable floating group and don’t have the issue anymore.

Thanks for the fast reply. Are you saying that copy and paste the group so each time it is a unique group not a reusable element, and then you make the group floating?

No problem.

Not sure I understand…

But all I did was just create a new floating group that was identical and just used that. I deleted all my reusable floating groups cause Apple never said when they were going to fix the issue…

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