Problem Floating Header IOS - Doesn't scroll & is displayed several times

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with my floating header on IOS devices (both chrome and safari).
When the user scroll down the page, the floating header doesn’t scroll and remain at the top of the page. And when I scroll back up, it “appears” several times as shown on the screenshot:

I’ve tried a lot of things, made researches on the forum but still doesn’t find the solution. (there’s old topics on this, but no answers…)
Is anyone knows how to solve this problem ?? It’s very paintful for UX…

Some additional info regarding the problem:

  • My header is a reusable element
  • This header is contained in a floating group (each page have its own floating group, which is not a reusable element)
  • It happens all the times I refresh the page and on all the pages.
  • → However, when I open the floating menu (see the blue menu logo) and close it (and only after closing it), the problem is fixed !! The header behaves correctly until I refresh / go to another page.

Many many thanks in advance as I’m struggling on it for a days now…


I am also having this issue (but seems to be only safari mobile). I’m very interested in the solution as I’m delaying a broader rollout because of it.

You;re not alone!