Header Reusable Element and Floating Group

I am trying to build a reusable Header that has a floating group (so it stays on top of every page) but the floating group just won’t work when I preview the pages.

Hello @bautistatriulzi

Can you show how you are doing this?

That’s how i created it. A header (grouped inside one group) and then added it to a repeating group.

The second image is the preview. Not only it doesn’t work (the floating) , it isn’t fully stretched


I still couldn’t understand what you mean by “it didn’t work”, it’s not showing up? Is there any functionality not working? Can you please be more specific?

To make it stretched, you need to change the width from “1250px” to “100%”;

I’m not sure reusables can have floating groups in them, can they?

I mean that it doesn’t comply with the “floating” functionality. It doesn’t remain fixed when you scroll

that may be a reason. Do you know if I want to add a reusable element as a sidebar (that slides and hides), how to import it without moving everything in the current page?