Cannot create reusable floating group elements

Whenever you create a Reusable Element it automatically adds a “Group” element that you can’t remove. So if you try to create a floating group in it, it will not work. I would like be able to create a side bar and header bar that can float and use them across all of my pages.


You can put the reusable element in a floating group.

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I want the reusable element to be a floating group.

See this video of the issue

Just create a blank floating group box on each page you want you side menu on.

And then put your reusable element inside.

I get what you’re saying, but let’s say I create a floating header, like on this website, and give it a height of 80px and put it on all thirty pages of my site. I then create a reusable group to hold all of the elements (menu, logo, etc.) and give it the same height of 80px and add it to each of the 30 pages inside of the floating group.

Now, what if there is a design decision to go from 80px to 67px? Now I have to go through 30 pages and update all 30 floating headers in addition to the group reusable element. It would have been much easier if I could have had a floating group reusable element as my floating header and only had to update once.


since the ReusableElement seems to be using a Group as a container for its items, could it maybe have some option to be a Floating one?

We’ll look into it, but not sure it makes sense: a reusable element is an independent entity, which operates by itself. If we make it floating, it has to be in the context of a page, and relatively to top, left, maybe both, etc. So it might make more sense to put the reusable element in a floating group at the page level.

isn’t everything placed in the context of a page after all?

btw, this was followed up with this idea - Add Floating Group to Resuable Elements

Yes, I think that is the point. If you changed the header size everything would have to move anyway.

If you are making you page so that it doesn’t … then you can just make the floating group as big as you want and the Reusable element will resize within it.

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