FloatingGroup as a Reusable Element

I am starting to get the error below…Can I not use a FloatingGroup as a Reusable Element?


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Wierd. Never seen that error so I can’t help you there… maybe show us an editor?

In the meantime you can always rebuild your REU and make it a floating group in it’s properties:

Then copy and paste your stuff over.

Hey @shawn.chaudhery I just got this error last night too, this after having my floating group reusable element in use for over 3 weeks.

It must be a bug as I have not made any changes to the reusable element.

Could @Emmanuel @andrewgassen help us track down someone to look into this? We can’t publish our apps due to the error, this particular issue means I can’t have a header on my app.

It’s a new change. You can’t have more than one FG inside a reusable element, and all FG must be direct child of page (not inside a group). So new adjustment is required.

edit: as @jcalvarezjr point to Bubble team for confirmation (I sent already a bug report on that subject).

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Is this 100% confirmed?

As an alternative put a floating group as direct child in the page, and out the a reusable element in it. Will that work?

Not anymore inside reusable element.

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