Floor plan editor-creator

Hello everyone!
I want to create a basic 2D floor plan web app that let users map their home. So basically, I need a coordinate canva (a grid), and then the users can ‘draw’ certain rectangular shapes that represents the rooms. For example, if a user wants to draw a L-shaped room, they could draw 2 rectangles that would connect together to form an L… For now, I don’t need to implement the thickeness of the wall itself, so the room walls would be the border of the rectangles. It is important that the drawn rectangles line up with the lines of the grid. I will show an image example down below!

For now, I created a grid using 2 Repeating groups (one for rows and one for columns) inside a Group (that i called ‘Grid’). I don’t know if this is the right way to do it, since I need to store the x and y coordinates, and the measurements for each walls in the database. Also, I am not sure how to implement the feature that would allow the user to basically draw their rooms (using a click and drag kind of thing to shape the rectangles).

Any advices is greatly welcome! :slight_smile: