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"Flying" text input fields

Hey, for the first time a user logs in, i would like to get some information from him.

I have seen beautiful options on other websites where a as soon as the user enters the answer, the text input field just slides away to the left and the next text input field appears from the right. that way, the user will always have only one question at a time and the experience gets really interactive.

Any idea if something like that exists for bubble? And if or there are tutorials for it?

I thought about redirecting him each time he hits the enter button but i think that’s just too much and not really interactive but only annoying.

Thanks in advance!

Put your text input field within a group and on a ‘when x input value changes’ workflow but an animation - just play around with the transitions to find the one you want :slight_smile:

Have conditions on your groups as to when to show them (custom states or ‘x field is not empty’ conditions would be handy here)