Looking for better input ideas. (Gifs inside)

Hi all,

I’m looking for some input on inputs (lol…). We have a lot of information that has to come in all at once.

We tried using typeform, but due to the nature of their API/webhooks, it really doesn’t work well for this product specifically.

We tried building a typeform clone in bubble but the workspace just got waaaay too crowded and made it difficult to ever add more questions / make modifications in the future.

Lastly, we tried putting all the questions into the database itself for a dynamic, single repeating list, but the input fields change frequently (short text, long text, multi-choice, multi-select, Y/N, currency, etc.) and couldn’t determine how to make an input dynamically change based on the question.

Does anyone have any ideas that could solve this?

We’re next looking at doing something like this (below) but couldn’t figure out how best to approach it using Bubble that wouldn’t just cause us to run into the same problems.

Or perhaps this:

Or even this one:

Any INPUT appreciated, lol…

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Have you considered giving the question a type field? You could then build your repeating group with each different type of input added and hide/show the inputs with conditionals based on the ‘type’ of question. You would need to put each input into a group so you can collapse its height when it isn’t visible.

Would take some logic on the Continue button to make it work properly but it should be able to be done.

Zapier has a fairly robust integration with Typeform. I would check that out before getting to deep building this kind of functionality with Bubble.

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I’ve built a survey tool exactly like this in bubble. This kind of thing can get very, very tedious and involved when working inside the bubble framework, but in my case I needed the tighter integration vs a solution like typeform and frankly I went in too far to go back :slight_smile:

Keep in mind, that if you are doing this with ‘vanilla’ bubble workflows (not something funky with a custom plugin), then the way you would do it is to write a new ‘answer’ db entry for each question. You’ll also want to consider that depending on the number of users and questions, it could conceivably become a server-intensive process to have your users constantly creating and updating ‘answer’ entries into your DB each time they click next. Bubble’s db just isn’t very speedy for big-time scaling this type of transaction, unfortunately. I think a lot of use-cases would be covered though without needing to worry.

If you are interested to see more, just PM me.

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