Saving text inputs so they are always displayed

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I am going round in circles on something I assume is very basic. My website has questions for users, who then fill it in text input boxes, as below:

All I’m trying to do is to enable users to have their answers saved when they leave the page, so if they come back to the page, their previous answers will be stored.

I tried Creating a New Thing in multiple different ways, but can’t seem to get it to stick.

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Try to set the input as enable utobinding to parent element’s thing. Don’t forget to set privacy rule on the respective field to enable autobinding


Thanks for that. I have set the input as enable autobinding to parent element’s thing. however i’m a bit confused still on what kind of ‘thing’ and ‘field’ to create to allow me to save the text that is entered in the input

Can you share a link to the editor or you can make a clone. I’d be happy to take a look. You can use a plugin called Exit Intent to detect if a user want’s to leave the page and execute a workflow based on that.

Thank you! Here is a link to the editor (I think) - let me know if it doesn’t work.

I’m essentially looking to allow users to type their answers into the text input and save it. and also allow them to modify those answers and save the updates

There’s no permission to view the app

I’ve authorized your app to test the plugin Browser Exit Event, let me know if you still need help setting up the Workflows.

how about now?

thanks, ideally i want to try utilizing the save button as a way of keeping the text in the input box when the user leaves the page. if that’s not possible, i’ll definitely try using the Browser Exit Event plugin. Thank you!

Is this only available to logged in Users?

Please see example page,

It’s available for Logged and not-logged in Users. You can change that from privacy rules. I think it’s better to do it without a button and display a button on the bottom that displays some kind of notification that the answers have been stored, but should be optional as the data is stored directly.

There is a small issue when the input is focused and the user wants to close the browser. The data is not saved. You can solve that with the Browser Exit Event Plugin.

Let me know if you have an idea how it should work by now.

Many thanks for providing the example, much appreciated! It’s going to take me a while to understand what you’ve done, so as soon as I’ve done it I’ll let you know.

I see what yo umean now about the importance of the Browser Exit Event Plugin - the user may just close the browser rather than going back to the chapter list. Will get this installed.

Thanks again for your help :slight_smile:

Let me know when it’s working as this plugin is available for commercial use as a paid plugin at $6.

I think I understand conceptually what you’ve done, and it obviously works, so thanks for that! However, as it’s a repeating group, I’m unable to add ‘new’ questions in (just repeats the first question). Would I therefore great a group within the repeating group, which will allow me to input different questions?

You can do a search for questions. That will load all of the questions. Then use current cells text to display the question.

My advice would be to start with the basic Bubble lessons. It’s explained in detail.

Don’t forget to disable access to your app.

Thanks - i worked my way through the lessons but this seems new to me. however i will go through them again. Thanks for your help, I will let you know how it goes!

Hi, thanks to your example I think i have it figured out now! However, I’m now stuck on getting the right questions in the right pages. Should I be typing out all of the questions in the ‘Questionss’ data table and then somehow assigning which questions go on which page? I’m not clear on how to do this - I tried ‘do a search for’ but couldn’t find a way of isolating the right questions, e.g. finding the questions for chapter 2 and getting them into the chapter 2 page

When you create a repeating group the current cell’s text is enough to display the questions.

You can filter the questions by adding a constraint. When adding the questions to your database add an additional field called chapter and assign it a value.

Again, this is covered in the basic lessons.

Hey man, thanks for your help. I get what you are saying contextually but am unable to apply it to what I’m doing. I’ve been through the lessons and am still unable to figure out. The lessons seem simple enough but I guess I’m not able to apply it to this!

I have now added a ‘Chapter’ field to the data table:

When it comes to adding constraints however, I’m not clear on how to dynamically filter on chapter 1 in this case, chapter on other pages etc. This is as far as I’ve got but am now completely lost!

You can select from the dropdown but you can also type 1 and hit enter.