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Focus Group does not hide when DECIMAL input element gets focus

Hi, is this a BUG in Bubble?
I have 2 input fields. Input A’s content format is INTEGER, input B’s content format is DECIMAL with 2 decimal places. Each input element has a Focus Group. Now, the beauty of a Focus Group is that the group becomes NOT Visible when another element gets focus. And this works great when Input A gets focus, but NOT when Input B gets focus.
My testing app shows that this is because Input B’s content format is DECIMAL →
When I change Content format in Input B to INTEGER, it works OK →
This is the app to test: Bubble | No-code apps
Is this a bug?

I got an email from Bubble saying that this is indeed a bug. They are working on a fix for an upcoming release.
As a workaround, if we select nothing as the number of decimal places (as opposed to 2) in the content format Decimal, it works for now! :+1:


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