Currency input requires you to click twice to focus

Hey got a weird one here. Most of the input field types I’m using are working great, but when I make it a currency or percentage input things get goofy.

If I type an input into a field, then tab into a percentage/number field I see focus for a split second and then it’s removed.

When I tab into it or click it a second time it takes focus no problem.
When I tab into it or click into it without making any changes to another field there’s no problem.

Anything I can do to fix that or is it just a bug?

Hi, if you want you can try my plugin that solve your problem and other ones.

Try it at

Been tinkering with this a bunch. It looks like turning off the thousands separator fixes the issue… it’s not autobinding or anything else like that, just the number formatting checks it does on blur.

@emmanuel I would love to not have to use a third party tool here, seems like a pretty core part of Bubble and hopefully a fairly easy fix :grimacing:

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