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Focus Group not fading out

I have a focused group which is not fading out when the workflows are set for it. The problem I have is that when the workflow is set to fade out the focus group once it is visible it does not hide the focus group rather it keeps repeating the workflow for showing the focussed group.

Screenshot%20(33) Screenshot%20(33)

I believe it’s doing this because technically when you click outside of a group focus, it’ll close on its own (without a workflow). So, clicking on that image hides it, but then immediately triggers the workflow to show it again.

You might want to have a separate icon (like an X or a text) to close the group with the animation. Keep in mind that a user will still be able to click anywhere outside and it’ll close on its own without animation.

Another solution would be to not use a group focus here, and instead just use a regular group. That way you won’t have this conflict.

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Well I want the group focus so that when user clicks outside of the focus group it does not display anymore. I have set seperate workflow to hide the focus group when it is visible and showing the focus group when it is not visible.

Is this considered a bug?

I don’t think it’s a bug. Technically it’s doing what it’s supposed to:

  • clicking the image IS outside the group, so it will hide because that’s the nature of a group focus
  • but then you have a workflow from the same image that shows the group again if hidden

You’ve created a loop of sorts.

I set, if FocusGroup isn’t visible and Group Image is clicked then the focus group is visible. and When it is visible it should behave differently because I set a workflow for it.

How should I make it? I don’t want the focus group to be shown repeatedly when clicking on the image, rather it should display and hide. I’m using animations to do that.

Although the animation transitions are nice, best to use something like the ‘Toggle’ functionality workflow to achieve the show and hide with the Group Focus:


Otherwise like others have pointed out, you can end up with a looped function.