Trigger workflow by clicking outside focus group

Hi everyone

I am trying to trigger a workflow whenever the user clicks outside of the focus group but couldn’t find an option on how to do that.

I have a reusable element that uses a focus group to display a list of options to filter the data for. The user should be able to select multiple options. Then when they click outside of the focus group I want to trigger an event (as that means that they have finished selecting the options). Is there any way to do this?

Thanks for any help in advance!

An image of the reusable element displaying the focus group can be seen below

By default, a group focus element would only hide itself if you click outside of it.

As a workaround, some bubble devs use a popup and add two groups on it wherein group A would contain the elements and Group B would be a group with no background image.

If group B is clicked, they would hide the popup or element. You could attach a different workflow here if you want.

This workaround is aimed to mimic how some sidebars function wherein if you click outside of the sidebar it would hide the sidebar.

Does this workaround work for you?


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