Follow user by typing username and display list of following profile on contact list page

Hey Bubbler,

I’m working on a social app and I struggle to make a decent send a request/approved system to make it work.

I would like to be able to add an user based on their username, like this:

Once the link is made I would like to display the list of following users in a contact list:

Including, the image of the following users alongside first and last name, where I could be able to click and access their profil.

So far I have created in my User Data Type a “Follower - List to User” and a “Following - List to user” but somehow I can’t make it work to add the user to my following list based on their username.

If someone can help me, it would be amazing.
Thanks in advance the community

hi @fernmont!
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Since you already have following/followers properties of type user added to the user datattype like this:

you need to add a searchbox to the page where users follow other users. Searchbox datatype is of type user, you can choose which field to search for and add constraints to filter out people if you like:

now when the user finds a user and clicks follow, the selected user is added to the user’s following list:
image (4)

Hi @hanan1,

Thank you so much, it works perfectly well.

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hi @hanan1 ,

Actually, on my follower list I want to display in a repetitve group the image and the name of my contact, as you did on your latest animation.
Can you please show me the logic that allow you to display on the current user view the people I follow on a list?

Thank you again for your help.

hi @fernmont,

yes sure, so since each user has a list of users (followers) and another list of users (following) as properties; when they follow another user, that user is added to their following list:

and the list’s data source is:

whereas when another user follows the current user, they show on my followers list:

I hope I explained this clearly but don’t hesitate if you need further explanation. Good luck!

Hi @hanan1 ,

I honestly don’t know how to thank you for your help.

I took some screenshot to explain step by step what I would like to do and where I’m block still.

  1. I created a page where the users as to type the username to send a request like this:

As you can see, the field to search is Username and the Search type is: User.
What I want to do in there is simply to type an username and have it in my Following list. In the meantime my profil will go the users followers list.

When I look at the data I can’t see anything today, yesterday somehow I could see my email address. Do you think I have done something wrong ?

Secondly, I assume that when this link will be done I will be able to display any information about the users I follow in a Repeating Group, so far I set it up like this:

And I want to display the last name of this following user but it seems something is wrong on my setting:

To resume, I want to be able to enter the username of a user, add it to my following list, then see him on my following list and click and see his profil.

Can you please have a look and let me know what I missed to make this work?

I honestly don’t know how to thank you for the time spending on helping me on such basics stuff.


Hi @fernmont!

no worries, everyone starts with the basics, no? :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:
I explained everything in a video, also here is the editor link so you can see everything yourself and examine how the features and workflows are built. Please don’t hesitate to ask any further questions. I am happy to help.
Good luck!

Hi @hanan1,
Thank you for the video and the editor links. I’m almost there as I manage to follow users but somehow their information don’t display:

I have almost copy past everything you have done on the editor link excepte the custom state do you think it’s the reason.

I can’t wait to solve this out haha, thank again.

Forget about my previous message @hanan1 I manage to do it and it works perfectly. Thank you so much for your help.

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Awesome! glad to know it worked. Sorry did not see your previous message in time. was probably a privacy issue. Good luck @fernmont!