PLS HLP. Pulling a list of a users

My DB structure is as follows:

I have a follow button on peoples profiles that when clicked, the Current Page User is added to the Current Users user data titled “Friends”. I want people to be able to click the “my followers” button and see a list of all the people that i am following, AKA the people in my “friends (user data)”. (exactly how instagram’s works.) I am trying to filter a repeating group on a separate page to show all of the people that are in the data “Friends”.

My Problem: I have tried all the constraints i can think of but I cant get only the people that I am following to filter through to the repeating group.
The trick is, I want people to also be able to click any other friends that show up and be sent to their profile, thus a user data type for the repeating group. Thank you for being smarter than me!

Also note: The “friends” data is type list

this is what I would do.

You have a page lets call it newsfeed
it shows all posts
eg via the datasource: do a search for posts
here you can click post authors like on instagram if you like Johns picture and want to see his other pictures.

if you click a post author you go to a page called profile
this is type user.
so if you click a post author you send posts creator to the page called profile

so the profile page expects one creator eg John.
here you can click follow.
If you click follow you use the workflow
“Make changes to current user”: Followers add: Current page user
So John is added to my list of people following.

On johns page have a repeating group
it should say current page users list of followers

it would show who john followed eg susanne, mary and barbara. [John is obviously heterosexual in this unusual example]

if you only want to see your follows and not johns you would have a repeating group and use current users list of friends.

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Thanks! Works great

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Updooted for this! :rofl:

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