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How to make following functionality

I was trying to build a discussion forum. One of the functionality of the forum is users can follow other users.
I came across many post saying about how to make a follow system and none of them were making sense to me.

What I want is that users should be able to follow other users ( no need of follow backing functionality). And also I want to show the list of users following in the profile page.

What I did is that, I the user filed I created a field called followers which is a list of users.

Then the work flow I will post below.

And finally I want to show the list of followers in the user profile page.

Thanks in advance :blush:


Thanks for your post! By chance, have you checked out our tutorial on how to build an Instagram clone? It includes tips for how to set up following functionality; let me know if that doesn’t help!

I checked the tutorial on instagram clone. But in that tutorial it’s only showing the how to make a workflow for ‘following and follow’. I want to know how to show the list of users following inside a repeating group in the user profile. Hope I made it clear

Hi, @akshayabraham542 ! :wave:
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