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Hi, I have just started using bubble, I was wondering how to configure links in the footer (About, pricing, download, etc.) which redirect the user to a certain section of the same page.


Hi waseem:

Add a link element; make it an internal link. Click send more parameters. Make up a parameter like pos = 1 or 2

on workflows click empty box to add “when condition is true”
When url contains pos=1 scroll to certain element.

Add the same condition for pos= 2 or 3.

If your footer is reusable and you want this to work on multiple pages then states on the reusable element must be used. Let me know and I can send you the appropriate video.

For more short tips on bubble & more check

I don’t think you need to complicate it that much. He can use instead “Scroll to” action.

It only allows me to scroll to other elements within the footer, not the other elements on the page…

Thanks a lot for your help, still unable to figure it out, as I am only able to get the elements within the footer, not the other elements on the page. I am pretty much struggling with the basics as of yet :slight_smile:

That is because your footer is a reusable element. Can you make it not reusable? and if you want to use the footer on other pages, you can just copy paste it.

Here’s how to achieve with the reusable element:
Add a custom state to the reusable element called something like “pagePosition”.
Add a workflow step for each button that sets pagePosition to the appropriate value before going to the page.
After adding the RE to the page you will have access to the RE’s custom states and you can do a “when” on page load as follows.

Thanks. How do I link the respective page position with the pagePositions I have defined?

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