Footer Spacing Issue |

Hi there Bubble!

I’m looking to fix this across my site. Basically I’d like the footer to stick to the bottom of the page, so there’s no “white space” underneath the footer, allows the user to scroll below.

Additionally, I’d like to make every page fit 100% of the heigh viewport, what is the best solution to go about this? I’ve seen people just add enough margining on page contents to fill the devices heigh viewport but I find this could be rather random and unprofessional.

How do you go about this on your Bubble app?


This is showing up across my live version, would appreciate any suggestions!

You can use a floating group for the footer and stick it to the bottom. also adjust the minimum height of the page to 600px, so when the page content is more than 600px, it fits to the page and their are no space. Lastly make sure you are not viewing on the debug_mode. when on debug_mode, you don’t get the exactly perception of the pages height.

Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 11.44.12 AM
This sticks it to the bottom but now it’s perm sticky and is visible above all elements.