Pease help me in fixing the design layout issue

I want the footer to stick at bottom of screen when open in any mobile . I am not able to that , can any one help me in fixing the issue. Kindly tell me how are I make the bar fixed at bottom. Tell me all the steps how it can be done.Thanks

can you post a pic of what it is doing? and a maybe a screenshot from the designer too?

Yes , Here it is .

my current design

Is your web app going to be accessed from a phone only? You need to look at using fixed width groups and get the responsive for different phone screen sizes. I would also look around for phone app templates, someone else will have done the hard work for you already!

only on phone and tablets will be open

can you send me the link of phone app templates,

Sorry , I need in all platform to run ( Desktop / Mobile / Tablet )

Have a look on here, most templates will be responsive and work well on any platform, however you will have to hunt around for one that looks and acts like a phone app.

Yes , I check this already.

just update the footer group element of the ID attribute to “footer”
based on this just update the css on html element, so this footer group/div will stick on to bottom of the page for all the devices even desktop too

Thanks for the solution . I have one more issue. If you can help me out . I don’t want the height of the page fixed. I am designing app and it will available on all devices ( desktop / tablet / mobile ).
If I give the height for eg 300px and if there is no content in the page , then the page get scroll because of the height I give 300px . How I can give height auto property .

If set height for the page will set automatically. I thing, search operation on this page get more delay, that why it set to 300px.
Have another solution, but i dont know, which will resolve your issue.
Change the page preset width into custom on Page element.
Otherwise share your app url

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