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Footer that floats relative to bottom of page, not bottom of screen

I want to create a footer (using a reusable element) that is always at the bottom of the page (which is different than the bottom of the screen). The obvious solution is to use a floating group which works for shorter pages where there is no scroll but for my longer pages it makes it so that it’s always visible on the screen, which I don’t want (i.e. for landing pages, the user expects to scroll all the way to the bottom to get to the contact info, about us, etc)

If I use a regular group then that solves the problem for the longer pages but then causes this to happen for the shorter pages:

Is the answer that I can’t use a reusable element and that I need to build it specifically for each page? If so, there will always be a screen size that will create unwanted results (i.e. if I have a longer page, I would use a regular group but as long as the screen size is sufficiently tall, I will end up with the above diagram as a result).

Thanks in advance