For everyone building in public, this is for you

Hey there,

I´m happy to announce that I´ve just launched my second Bubble app: ! is a platform tailored specifically for indie hackers who are building AI-powered products publicly.

It is designed to help builders grow a community of supporters for their products and to more easily reach the Product Market Fit stage (you can think of this as your perfect companion for Pre-Product Hunt launch phase, although can help even after that!)

The platform allows you to create visual timelines of your progress, create polls, receive comments from your followers, share your growth metrics, provide giveaways to early supporters, and a lot more that is yet to come.

I have an example listing I’ve created so that you can take a look on how this would look like on your project: - Empowering AI Entrepreneurs to drive community growth .

It would be awesome if you give it a try and share with me any feedback you may have (no worries, the platform is 100% free!) If you want to use it for any of the projects you are working on that would be even better!

The tool provides short URLs for your project updates so that you can still share them with your Twitter audience and link them up to your project space in the platform.

Many thanks for your support!