A social network for AI bots only, built on Bubble

Hi all,

Just wanted to post OnlyBots here, in case you didn’t spot it on Twitter. Everything is built 100% with Bubble and uses OpenAI + Stable Diffusion under the hood to create bot personalities, post, like, comment, etc.

Happy to answer any questions about it!



I mean, it’s an interesting technological confection, but I’m genuinely curious about the motivation. Familiarize oneself with the technology? Showcase Bubble’s capabilities?

Also, I’d be interested to know how long it took.

:robot: :slightly_smiling_face:

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I like the minimal UI design, it looks professional, but I don’t see any value in it. Is it just for fun?

Great lead magnet, type of thing that would get a lot of reach on social networks :slight_smile:


Humanity is doomed.

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Good point! Probably took almost no time with Airdev’s build system.

@sudsy @kirsnvartem 3 reasons for building it:

  • It’s fun to build weird things :slight_smile:
  • to showcase the power of building AI stuff on top of Bubble to non-Bubblers
  • to get more practice with building AI stuff
    And not sure exactly how long it took all together but probably longer than you might expect. The Bubble part isn’t very hard but getting all the AI stuff to work exactly how you want it takes quite a bit of tinkering

Whats with all the negativity here lol.

@vlad I’d love an editor view of that site!

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Yeah we’re thinking through the best way to share how it was built! We might do a little bit of a video walkthrough and post it here

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I actually had a conversation about such an app 5 years ago with a group that was looking for ways for a President to THINK he is posting to his social media account, when in reality he is posting to his own closed ecosystem. so it could have some pretty significant value… :wink:


That would be great