For Sale: Screen Recording Chrome Extension (Like Loom) - SaaS Ready To Launch

Hi all,

We recently built a proof of concept that we aren’t releasing which is a Loom style screen recorder, audio recorder in the form of a Chrome extension and bubble app called ‘Howdy’.

It would make a great SaaS/software startup on its own so thought I’d sell it instead of just shelving it.

We’re looking for around $2500 USD all in for the product, very open to offers.

We were looking at targeting the support sector with the product as a help docs/customer support tool.

It’s already been approved by Google and currently a version is in the store (you can try installing it but you’ll need a ProductFlare account to use it, so if you are interested let me know and I can set up a demo privately).

Fully browser based with nothing to install (except the Chrome extension of course) that supports Tab recording, Window recording and even full screen recording in Full HD with audio!
Option to extend to camera as well in the SDK.

Includes great auto-share/email (like Loom) feature to automatically send a branded email via Autopilot to your recipient.

Please let me know if you’d be interested!

Here are a couple screenshots:



Any preview?

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@sanjuujosephh Updated with images

Just adding my two cents. I’ve worked with @help in the past and his apps are always top notch

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Hey awesome to hear from you thanks Ryley!

On the other end - anyone reading this looking for Javascript/integration work I’d thoroughly recommend @ryley.randall (he’s built some of the top selling ProductFlare tools).

Hi. How can I contact you regarding this?

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Hi there,

Thanks for commenting - I’ve sent you a pm.


Hi. I am interested. Can you PM me?

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Hi Chris,

Sure thing!

Whatever happened with this? @help

i am interested - news?

Hi there, this project was sold