Loom in bubble idea

Is there a way to mimic loom in bubble? Record video of someone talking while recording their screen?

nothing in the bubble community to mimic the capabilities of loom yet, although Loom does have an open api: loomSDK For Developers | Embed Loom In Your App | Loom .

A bit of JS + api connector work :slight_smile:

although this is a good idea for a commercial plugin

7 years late to the party… might as well put up a little demo in case anyone finds this!


It’s an unfinished demo though but it mostly works, be nice to get some people to test across different devices etc :grinning:

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this is great Pork! Would love to chat.

@pork1977gm i would be interested to integrate this in our solution as well. any template or plugin planed?

btw - camera working not on chrome (Version 101.0.4951.64 () with mac os 12.3. - it stays with initializing

Thanks @buero
Yep Chrome and Mac can cause some issues right now. At some point I will fix it.

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